ENYC & the National Programme of the Republic of Moldova for Developing Youth Centres (Timisoara – ROMANIA, August 2019)

On 13-17 of August 2019, a delegation from the Republic of Moldova (youth workers, youth centres directors, representatives of the Ministry of Education) came to Timisoara to exchange good practices regarding youth centres. In this context, the vice president of ENYC (Yolanda FLORESCU) had a 3 hours meeting with this delegation. During this time, she…

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ENYC @ Youth Centres UP International Conference 2019 – International YOUTH Day (TIMISOARA – Romania, August 2019)

The vice president of ENYC, Yolanda FLORESCU participated at Youth Centres UP International Conference as guest speaker and facilitator of the workshop SDG no.4 (Quality Education)in youth centres. On 12 of August – the International Youth Day, organised under the UN headline “Transforming Education”, which highlights efforts to make education more relevant, equitable and inclusive for all youth, including…

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