ENYC @ The Youngsters’ Trail (MARTINIQUE – France, October 2019)

In October 2019, the president of ENYC, Heli LEHTO, had the opportunity to participate in a seminar for participants from 14 different youth organisations from the Caribbean and Europe.

The seminar “The Youngsters’ Trail” focused on developing the skills, methods and tools of the organisations that are working or willing to work in European volunteering programs and aimed at creating a network and sustainable partnerships for youth mobilities between organisations from Europe, partner countries and the Caribbean.

During this seminar, Heli hold a dynamic workshop about the role of ENYC in creating the context for good cooperation between youth organisations and the benefits for young people and the communities they live in. The participants were eager to hear more, especially because this type of network was a new concept for them and got inspired by the power of the group and the wonderful outcomes that we get when we work together.

Our host was D’Antilles & D’Ailleurs, which is an organization that works for the education and promotion of active and democratic participation, in particular of women and young people with fewer opportunities, promoting diversity, equality, inclusion and strengthening the fight against discrimination.

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