“Young Europe without racism” (Jugendbildungsstätte Unterfranken) – 2018/2019

Strategic EVS voluntary service in Kindergarten ‘Young europe without racism’ 01.09.18 – 11.08.19. Sending organization: Filoxenia. Host organization: JUBI


Apart from voluntary service, young Europeans and employees of the EVS hosting organisations participated in the Jubi training programs (‘Coach for racism critical and intercultural work’ and ‘Betztavta’) and then acted as multipliers. The long-term goals were: to train European volunteers as well as employees in the EVS hosting projects as multipliers in the field of racism-critical work, to contribute the European dimension to the idea of a non-discriminatory and racist-free approach in  Europe and to take steps towards a European citizenship that feels connected to this European idea.


Voluntary Service and additional seminars on migrational pedagogy and racism criticism


With this long-term and strategic project, we wanted to develop racism-critical youth work in Europe. We want to train and prepare with the EVS experience and training programs, which are very practice but also theory-oriented, multipliers of youth work that are traveling in Europe. With our support, we plan that the EVS organisations, together with the European volunteers, organize places and structures in the municipalities where they can identify and tackle discrimination.

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