“Networking for future!” (2018-2019)

EU Grant: 19.962,25 EUR


Partners from ENYC:


  • Start: 01-08-2018
  • End: 31-01-2019
  • Project Reference: 2018-2-FI01-KA105-047383
  • Programme: Erasmus+
  • Key Action: Learning Mobility of Individuals
  • Action Type: Youth mobility

Youth Centre Villa Elba organized a study visit in Kokkola between 14-19 October 2018.

The study visit gathered 27 youth workers from Finland, Russia, Armenia, Albania, Ukraine and Georgia to get to know Finnish youth work and youth organizations. During the study visit, Finns and foreigners interacted with young people in order to gain new knowledge, new skills and the opportunity to build new projects.

We visited volunteering organizations in our area, explored the activities of the international club as well as organisations and young people realizing youth exchanges.

The purpose of the study visit was to invite youth workers from outside European Union to get acquainted with Finnish youth work and our international youth work. During the study visit, Finnish and various countries came to know each other in order to gain new knowledge, new skills and the opportunity to build co-operation.

During the study visit, we familiarized with organizations that work with young people, shared good practices, and presented practically our international youth work ( youth exchanges, volunteering projects).

The aim was to unite youth organizations and strengthen their skills in international youth work. The aim was also to strengthen the role of organizations in the field of intercultural learning in youth exchanges, volunteer service and other international projects. Our goal was also to find a common understanding of what we mean by high-quality international youth work.

Various international youth projects are a good tool to enhance understanding among young people in different countries and cultures. With active participation in the project, young people learn about independence, get more tolerance from cultural differences and learn from different perspectives in the world. With this project we wanted to get new ideas and working methods for our international youth work.

Our goal was to provide reliable and productive partnerships, to discuss our motivation to work together so that we can build more cooperation and share the participants. Learning to know each other also has the potential to create common core values ​​and this provided a good foundation for future projects.

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