General Assembly 2014

The general assembly of ENYC 2014 was hosted by S&G – System and Generation Association in Istanbul – Turkey, on 25.01.2014.

MINUTES OF THE GENERAL ASSEMBLYof the European Youth Centres Network
Istanbul, Turkey, 25.01.2014

PLACE: Istanbul, Turkey
DATE: 25.01.2014 from 10:30 to 14:00


  • Heli Lehto (FIN),
  • Erika Munkova (SK),
  • Ritva Saarikettu (FIN),
  • Panos Poulos (GR),
  • Gurkan Akcaer (TR),
  • Nadya Marinova (BG),
  • Jarmila Lipkova (SK),
  • Jean-Brice Blanc-Lévigne (FR),
  • Lilit Asatryan (AM)


  • Marcello Ingrassia (IT),
  • Anastazja Zydor (GE)


PRESENT : Hana Sebestova (ENYC mobility office)


  • Antonino Imbesi (IT),
  • Adrien Promme (LUX),
  • Miguel Pinto (P).

Ad. 1: Opening of the GA and Adoption of the Agenda

Mr. Gurkan Akcaer welcomed officially the members and quests in Turkey in GA.
The President of ENYC, Mr. Heli Lehto , opened the GA in Istanbul, Turkey, and welcomed everyone present. She expressed her thanks to Board of directors and Mr. Gurkan Akcaer for the preparation of GA.
ENYC starts the year 2013 with 13 full members. At the end of the year 2013 MAMA (Si) resigned. With the beginning of the year 2014 ENYC has 12 Full Members and 2 associated members (appendix 1).
According to the Statute of ENYC eligible for vote are members who have paid the annual fee. The fee for the year 2013 was paid by the 13 members organisations.

It was proposed the modification of the agenda. To the point two on the agenda shall be included Presentation of the Associate Members. All other points shall be renumbered accordingly.

The agenda of ENYC GA was adopted by all members with modification.

Ad. 2: Presentation of the Associate Members

Two associate members were presented:

  • Jugendbildungsstätte Unterfranken, Würzburg (GE) was presented by Mrs. Anastazja Zydor
  • Onlus Levitazione (IT) was presented by Mr. Marcello Ingrassia.

President Heli Lehto thanked both organizations for presentation and welcomed them into full membership of ENYC with wishes for fruitful cooperation in the future.

Ad.3: Financial report

Financial report of ENYC for the year 2013 was presented by the treasurer Panos Poulos. The financial report was presented to members as a brief written explanation (Appendix 2).
The full financial report was available to members to watch individually.

The financial year has been closed with the surplus of 2586,31 EUR.
The functioning of ENYC in the year of 2014 is secured with a payment of 14 members.

The financial report was adopted unanimously.

Ad. 4: Activity report of ENYC of the year 2013

Activity report was presented by General Secretary Erika Munkova (appendix 3).
Amendment request in Activity Report for 2013 of ENYC from Mr.Gurkan Akcaer:

  • “2 volunteers of Bulgarian Member of ENYC has been trained and completed 10 days job shadowing in Ankara at the premises of S&G. They have been trained about project design, development and writing.
  • An EVS Application has been submitted and approved after this Job Shadowing and approved by Bulgarian National Agency to host 2 volunteers each from 3 member countries of ENYC.

Activity report of ENYC for the year 2013 was adopted with the requested amendments.

Ad. 5: Activity plan of ENYC for the year 2014

Activity plan was presented by General Secretary Erika Munkova (appendix 4). Mrs. Heli Lehto presented the Global education concept in Finland . Global education was adopted as theme of year 2014. The place for GA 2015 was proposed Armenia. The proposal was adopted by members. GA ENYC 2015 will take place in Armenia in January 2015. Activity plan of ENYC for 2014 was adopted by members.

Ad. 6: Financial plan of ENYC for the year 2014

Financial plan of ENYC for the year 2013 was presented by the treasurer Panos Poulos (appendix 5)

Ad. 7: Strategic plan of ENYC 2014-2016

Mr. Heli Lehto presented to the GA the Strategic plan – the base of aims and intentions for 2014-2016 (appendix 6)
Mr.Heli Lehto proposed the workshop to analyze the ideas and proposals of members to work on strategic plan.

Ad. 8: Why ENYC

Mr. Heli Lehto presented to the GA the idea of strategy how to make ENYC more attractive
Present members contributed by their ideas for creating a “Why ENYC” strategy

Ad.9: Any resolutions proposed by members

1. Mr.Zorko Skvor presented the possibilities to get in contact with official European institutions and bodies (CoE, CDEJ)
2. Mr.Gurkan Akcaer and his team presented the project “No visa”

General Assembly finished on 25th of January 2014, at 14:00 hours.

Written by Erika Munkova

Heli Lehto

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