1993 – The European Ministers responsible for Youth recommend that, DURING THE NEXT THREE YEARS, the creation of a European network of DECENTRALISED youth centres TO BE TAKEN INTO ACCOUNT.

4th Conference of European Ministers responsible for youth (Vienna, 13-15 April 1993)

[…] In her opening address, Mrs Lalumiere, Secretary General of the Council of Europe, […] appealed to the Ministers present to make an added financial effort in favour of youth policies, despite the difficult economic situation, since the task was a very important one: helping young people to integrate in Europe. The extra effort could serve to develop and carry out several ideas such as setting up a second Centre, a network of decentralised centres and even a European Youth Office.


In the framework of the global and integrated youth policy conducted in the Council of Europe, the European Ministers responsible for Youth recommended that the following objectives be pursues during the next three years:

a. Fostering enterprise and participation among young people […]

b. The promotion of youth mobility and exchanges […]

c. The training of youth leaders and the supporting of youth organisations through:

i. The founding of training for youth organisers and leaders within the EYC/EYF with special emphasis on training fo young people from Central, Eastern and Southern Europe.

ii. The training of organisers of young mobility and exchange programmes through additional support for training courses conducted either in the EYC/EYF or by the appropriate national and/or regional structures.

iii. A study at national and European level of ways in which training received by youth leaders within youth organisations or through international schemes could be recognised for its practical value and used as a basis for proposals.

iv. With a view to the development of the voluntary sector in the framework or democratic and pluralistic structures in Central and Eastern Europe, the provision of a second European Youth Centre in Central Europe and the implementation of the training policy expounded in the Recommendation adopted by the Governing Board of the EYC/EYF, taking into account the following aspects:

-creation of a European network of decentralised youth centres,

-special action by the European Youth Foundation,

-increased participation by young people from Central and Eastern Europe in the activities of the EYC/EYF.

v. The co-ordination of efforts between the EYC/EYF, the “North-South” Centre for Development Co-ordination in its youth programmes and the Euro-Latin-American Centre (CEULAJ), especially solidarity programmes with young people in other parts of the world, notably Latin America and Africa.

vi. The specific promotion of a network of trainers/”multipliers” with a view to completing their training, encouraging the harmonisation of profiles and fostering mobility. […]

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CM(93)97 (Council of Europe)

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